Big Eagle Services

Hot Oilers

Big Eagle’s hot oiler units are capable of delivering rates from 56 to 1,800 lpm, with a temperature range up to 100 degrees and pressure capabilities of up to 10,000psi. The primary function of the hot oiler is the ability to pump fluids such as oil, water, chemicals and stimulants under high pressure and high heat for well servicing operations. This process cleans the wax paraffins and scaling from the well for continued production.

Hot Oiler

Their burners range from 5 million BTU to 8 million BTU, providing units that can be heated hotter and faster than other units in the industry. They have heater units that range from 8 million BTU to 12 million BTU, a 4x4 unit for FRAC oil heating and a trailer-mounted unit available for smaller heating requirements.

Big Eagle Services offers a completely self-sustained glycol heating unit and an on-board steamer for thawing valves and other equipment. The glycol unit is valuable in heating well heads and 440 barrel tanks for completion work. It is safe, non-flammable and can be handled in an environmentally friendly manor. It can maintain 24-hour service with minimal supervision once set up.

Big Eagles’s fleet of hot oilers include a sour-sealed unit for environmental and safety concerns. All other units are capable of venting away from the unit for the same reasons. Their newest Western star unit can pump up to 69mpa and is designed with state-of-the-art electronic components.

Hotter Faster

8 Million BTU Hot Oiler

Hot Oiler

Big Eagle’s fleet includes a 2008 Western Star tri-axle unit that can produce up to 8 million BTUs of heat per hour, able to adapt to every heating need in the industry. Through the use of hydraulics and an open loop system, the unit runs at optimum efficiency for maximum performance.

The unit is configured with a 4,000 litre fuel compartment, a 5,300 litre hauling compartment and a third compartment for methanol in extreme weather conditions. The truck also carries 15,000psi Hamer check valves for back flow protection and all the integral fittings needed to meet industry standards. The on-board SPM pump, equipped with SST plungers, can pump water, oil, bitumen or any hydrocarbon, making this unit ideal for Micro-Fracs at the 42mpa working capacity. Lastly, this unit is outfitted with a 1" hose reel with a pumping rate of 100 litres per minute up to 65 degrees Celsius. The hose has a 1,502 wing half for ease of installation to well heads and pipeline equipment.

Super Heaters

Hot Oiler

Big Eagle Super Frac Heaters are designed for the large frac volumes performed in Western Canada. Their 12 million BTU heaters carry 5,000 litres of fuel and 1,000 litres secondary reserve which will provide 20 hours of heating time. Big Eagle Super Heaters can heat a 400 barrel tank to 30 degrees Celsius in an hour during the winter and summer months. Their low pressure, high volume units carry a minimum of 25m of suction and discharge hose and are capable of 500 litres per minute of water based fluids. Keeping the environment in mind, their units are equipped with 3" inlet and outlet kamlock straps with valves at the end of each connection point to prevent spills.

Big Eagle Super Heaters, along with highly trained personnel, deliver cost savings to their customers on large frac projects by heating large fluid volumes quickly and efficiently.

Service Divisions

Hot Oiler

Complete tri-plex and pumping operations are controlled from the ground controls. Electronic monitoring of fluid volumes, pressure and temperatures are controlled from this panel to ensure operators’ safety.

Well/Production Services

  • Hot oil well servicing.
  • Pipeline cleanout / displacement.
  • Pressure services.
  • Pipeline pigging.
  • Well and pipeline chemical batching.
  • Frac-fluid heating
  • Vessel heating / cleaning.
  • Fluid transfer.
  • Coil tubing applications.
  • Well displacements / clean-outs.
  • Acid pumping.

Super Heaters

  • Designed for large frac volumes.
  • 12 million BTU heaters.
  • 5,000 litres of fuel and 1,000 litres of secondary reserve.
  • 20 hours of heating.
  • Capable of heating a 400 barrel tank to 30 degrees Celsius in one hour.
  • 500 litres per minute of water based fluids.

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