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Coil Tubing

Coil Tech - A division of Big Eagle L.P.

Coil-Tech, a division of Big Eagle Services, specializes in providing the most advanced coil tubing services to the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. With years of experience and knowledge, their team delivers the most effective shallow and intermediate coil tubing procedures available today. Coil-Tech is committed to providing excellent service to every customer in every aspect of their work.

Coil-Tech operates equipment that has the most advanced technology to support a wide range of coil tubing procedures. All of their equipment has the latest safety features available to ensure the highest level of safety and quality control possible.

Coil Tubing Unit

Coil-Tech Equipment

Coil-Tech has added four Intermediate Coil units to their fleet, running 1¼" to 1¾" pipe sizes and utilizing Independent Boom Trucks for the small locations.

Pressure Ranges

  • 3" Bore, 5000 PSI Combi BOP
  • 5" Bore, 5000 PSI Combi BOP

Service Divisions

CoilTubing Applications

  • Well site abandonments ranging from 4½" - 7" casings.
  • Pipeline clean-outs.
  • Pulling bridge plugs.
  • Spotting acids and solvents.
  • Hot oiling.
  • Casing scrapers.
  • Clean-outs with air or nitrogen.
  • Casing and tubing wire brushes.
  • Down-hole mud motors.
  • Hanging siphon strings.
Stand-alone compressor unit.

Stand Alone Compressor Unit.

Other Services

  • Hydraulic setting tool for all types of down-hole tool applications (cement retainers, retrievable and permanent bridge plugs).
  • Resettable Tension Packers for inside conventional tubing and casing.
  • Pipeline pigging assistance.
  • Pressure testing pipelines
  • Supplying air to service rigs for drilling.
  • Gauge rings for all sizes.

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-227-6392